is a social Media hub centered around Events within the demographic of the conscious community.

Value Propositions:

It fulfills the social animals basic need to connect by answering the question:  "What is going on (tonight / this weekend).

Provides an advertising medium for event promoters

Provides a user base for vendors to connect with event promoters.

Provide a reproducible platform for distribution as an event management tool, rebranded.

Provide event producers an easy option for creating events, collecting vendor fees, planning lineups.

Calendaring Functionality:

     *  View by Day / Week / Month / Year / ICAL Feed  / Category

Community Functionality:  

     * Content Management level Access control to allow tiered access classes.
     * Anonymous user Voting / Commenting capabilities
     * Moderative Abilities

Platform: Drupal 6.20
Modules: Date / Calendar / Imagecache